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Virtual IACM 2021

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Developing the Negotiation Behavior Inventory: A New Tool for Field Research

The capacity to negotiate well is a prized attribute. Those with the capacity can generate as well as claim more value, resolve disputes effectively, and form fruitful working relationships. It is an interpersonal process central to many jobs and a core component of managerial duties. Despite its centrality, there are few instruments that seek to distinguish between those who have more or less of this capacity. In this research, we develop the Negotiation Behavior Inventory (NBI) that aims to measure tendencies to behave in line with best practices across the planning, bargaining, and implementation phases of negotiation. In Study 1, we outline a process for item generation, sampling across a diverse range of contexts to derive best practices and conducted exploratory factor analyses. In Study 2, we conducted a confirmatory factor analysis. In Study 3, we conducted supplementary item generation to measure value claiming tendencies. In Study 4, we demonstrate the divergent validity of the NBI from existing negotiation measures and personality. Work is ongoing to demonstrate validity for the measure. Implications for research, practice, and education are discussed.

Daisung Jang
University of Queensland

Hillary Anger Elfenbein
Washington University in St Louis
United States

William Bottom
Washington University in St Louis
United States


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