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Virtual IACM 2021

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Workshop: Creating Critical Space Between Initial Encounter and Physical Response

Security professionals are trained for worst case scenarios, creating a mindset that every interaction with the public is potentially dangerous. While this is rarely the case, when training emphasizes danger over communication and connecting effectively with the public, it contributes to unnecessary escalation and a growing distrust between law enforcement and their communities. To be sure, there are instances in which deadly force is justified and necessary, but security professionals can not rely on instincts alone when making life or death decisions. De-escalation and conflict resolution training can create a critical space prior that can prevent a violent encounter and mean the difference between life and death. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn tools and techniques derived from academic research in social psychology and real-world experiences from a tactical environment that can be applied to everyday challenges. These tools will help participants in public-facing roles prevent a tense situation from becoming a violent or embarrassing encounter, and those in corporate roles to navigate conflict in the workplace and manage relationships with difficult people.

Allison Sands
Project Hummingbird
United States


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