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Virtual IACM 2021

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Reducing Conflict and Creating Interpersonal Wellness In Your Diverse Workplace

Description: You have started your diversity and inclusion program, hired more people of diverse backgrounds, and maybe promoted a few individuals into leadership roles, what’s next? The challenges lie in understanding the interpersonal dynamics of your diverse team and how inclusion changes the interpersonal dynamics of your organization. Learn to prepare for successful healthy interpersonal relations in your diverse workplace. Understand how negative interpersonal dynamics will manifest in the exchanges and interactions of employees, and among each other. This presentation will explore the emotional, interpersonal, mental, and psychosocial and impact of negative interpersonal dynamics on the well-being of your employees. Join Joyce Odidison, the world’s leading expert on interpersonal wellness will explore the following:

Learning Objectives: • Learn from the pitfalls of diversity and inclusion interpersonal experiments gone wrong • How to reduce and prevent negative interpersonal dynamics to derail your diversity and inclusion expansion • Learn how to think of and prepare the way for diversity inclusion to foster interpersonal well-being in your workplace • Understanding the interpersonal shift of your workplace and how to respond as your organization becomes more diverse

Joyce Odidison
Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc


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