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2019 International Association for Conflict Management Conference

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Voices, narratives, and identities in intergroup conflict

Keywords: intergroup conflict, socio-political conflict, religion

Abstract: This panel focuses on mechanisms, processes and platforms through which groups, embedded in asymmetric intergroup relationships, express their identities, narratives and agendas in intergroup conflict. The panelists discuss different and diverse socio-political settings that are characterized by asymmetry of power, by conflicting narratives and agendas, and by marginalization of groups and voices. The studies and theoretical approaches represented in this panel describe platforms, mechanisms and processes through which these groups in conflict sound their voices and attempt to present their identities and narratives. The panel spans a wide range of relevant theoretical and empirical approaches.

By employing these different scholarly approaches and perspectives we set out to understand more about how groups shape and sound their voices conflict and how, in turn, the voices, images, and agendas brought by groups can reconstruct, shape, perpetuate and sometimes deconstruct dominant discourse patterns in the public sphere.

Ifat Maoz, Hebrew University

Deborah Cai, Klein College of Media and Communication, Temple University

Yiftach Ron, Hebrew University

Clila Gerassi-Tishby, Hebrew University

Ibrahim Hazbun, Hebrew University

Tal Harel, Hebrew University


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