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2019 International Association for Conflict Management Conference

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Managing Conflict through Communication

Keywords: Conflict, Communication, Conversations

Abstract: When do we decide to communicate, and what do we decide to say? This symposium on conflict and communication will illustrate several sub-optimal conversation phenomena, including hiding success, unwillingness to ask sensitive questions, and over apologizing. It will also highlight potential avenues for improving conversations, including increasing the frequency of pauses and the amount of silence, and keeping underlying tensions under wraps in situations where teams are highly aligned. Attendees will come away with a more nuanced understanding of why many common conversational strategies often fail to leave a good impression on others, and how to improve conversations—especially in times of conflict.

Nicole Abi-Esber, Harvard University

Einav Hart, University of Pennsylvania

Annabelle Roberts, University of Chicago

Emma Levine, University of Chicago

Ovul Sezer, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Eric VanEpps, University of Utah

Maurice Schweitzer, University of Pennsylvania

Grant Donnelly, Ohio State University

Alison Wood Brooks, Harvard University

Lindred Greer, Stanford University

Alisa Yu, Stanford University

Preeti Srinavasan, Stanford University

Jared Curhan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jennifer Overbeck, Melbourne Business School

Yeri Cho, University of La Verne

Teng Zhang, Penn State Harrisburg

Yu Yang, Shanghai Tech University


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