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2019 International Association for Conflict Management Conference

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Attracting Desirable Job Applicants is Hard Work: Organizations that Endorse Hard Work as a Cultural Value Attract More Givers and More Women


Abstract: Across three studies, we show that organizations endorsing hard work as a value attract more women and people with a stronger giver orientation toward their work. Study 1 finds that women are more likely to have a giver orientation than men, which explains their propensity to take on work tasks in which performance and rewards depend on hard work. Studies 2 and 3 show that organizations communicating an appreciation for hard work appeal more to people who prefer giving (over taking) at work, and these people are disproportionately women. Together, these studies suggest that when organizations want to attract women and employees with a giver orientation, they would benefit from emphasizing hard work as a value. This work highlights the importance of organizational recruitment messages, and raise the possibility that current organizational practices may not be optimal in attracting the most desirable employees.

Sooyun Baik, London Business School

Selin Kesebir, London Business School

Dan Cable, London Business School


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