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2019 International Association for Conflict Management Conference

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Amidst Rational and Emotional: A Meta-Analysis of Discrete Emotions in Negotiations

Keywords: Negotiation, Emotion, Economic Outcomes, Relational Outcomes, Meta Analysis

Abstract: A meta-analysis (146 studies) has been conducted about discrete emotions in negotiations, including 380 economic and relational negotiation outcomes. This paper is moving beyond anger and happiness, also including additional discrete emotions, which are naturally bound to occur in negotiation settings. At the same time, we are moving beyond the effects on negotiation outcomes in general, by spotlighting economic and relational outcomes separately. Additionally, specific moderators have been identified, which could strengthen or weaken these effects and shed more light on the underlying nuances in which these effects might differ. Lastly, our paper is making important links to the EASI model by van Kleef, which serves as an integral basis to understand emotions in social contexts.

Tina Dudenhoeffer, University of Amsterdam

Anne Kranzbuehler, Delft University of Technology

Alfred Zerres, University of Amsterdam


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