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2019 International Association for Conflict Management Conference

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Fair Mediation with Tele-Operated Android Robots – An Experimental Study

Keywords: mediation, robots, mediation expert system, experiment

Abstract: Differences in physical attributes, like gender, age, race, etc., between the mediator and the negotiators can reduce perceived fairness and challenge neutrality of the mediator and the mediation process. The use of tele-operated android robots in mediation could improve perceived fairness by masking physical attributes. This study investigates the effects of mediation via a Telenoid ™, a tele-operated android robot. Telenoid mediation is compared to face-to-face human mediation, the use of a mediation expert system and a control group that negotiates without mediation support. A total of 240 participants negotiate a high conflict demerger negotiation case under the different experimental conditions, those with mediation use the same mediation expert system as basis for the advice provided by system, human or Telenoid. We investigate the effects of these different experimental conditions on agreement rates and quality, acceptance of the mediation technology and especially the perceived fairness of the mediation procedure.

Lin Adrian, University of Copenhagen

Daniel Druckman, Georg Mason University

Michael Filzmoser, Vienna University of Technology

Malene Flensborg Damhold, Aarhus University

Sabine T. Koeszegi, Vienna University of Technology

Nicolas Navarro Guerrero, Aarhus University

Johanna Seibt, Aarhus University

Catharina V. Smedegaard, Aarhus University

Christina Vestergaard, Aarhus University

Oliver Quick, Aarhus University


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