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2019 International Association for Conflict Management Conference

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From International Inter-Group Conflict to Similar Intra-Society Conflict - the Case of Arab-Jew Conflict

Keywords: Identity based, Arab-Jewish, Intra-society, Inter-group, out-group, recognition

Abstract: The Jewish-Arab conflict has received much research attention in the conflict management literature. It is seen as conflict between two vastly different identity groups, leading to view it as intractable. Researchers and practitioners continue to deepen their understanding of the conflict, while assuming that the Jews and Arabs are two essentially different and conflicting entities. Two conflict management and resolution researchers from Bar Ilan University, one is a Christian Arab and the other is a Jew, conducted different studies of intra-societal conflicts in their own societies. By looking jointly at their studies they have explored similarity aspects in both identity groups generally perceived as polarized: Similar values were found among young Arabs and secular Jews versus the out-group religious-based and conservative values. In both societies, participants showed a stigmatic attitude toward the unknown other. identity perceived as threatened by the other side, yet, seeking for recognition without losing their separateness.

Rachelly Ashwall - Yakar, Bar-Ilan university

Oriana Abboud-Armaly, Bar-Ilan university

Ephraim Tabory, Bar-Ilan university

Victor Friedman, Max Stern valley college


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