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2019 International Association for Conflict Management Conference

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Negotiating Difference: Applying a Negotiation Lens to Diversity Management

Keywords: diversity management; integrative negotiations; negotiation in organizations

Abstract: In this book we demonstrate how many negotiation, conflict resolution, and mediation concepts (i.e., fixed pie bias, framing effects, bargaining power, bundling multiple issues, using agents, preparing away from the table) along with newly conceptualized notions for garnering influence (building on interest-based theorizing and the power of framing) can help practitioners meet the challenges of diversity work. Drawing on both literature and examples from experienced professionals, we provide practitioners with a clear set of principles on how to navigate relationships inside and outside of their organizations to build trust and gain support for diversity initiatives.

Melissa Thomas-Hunt, Vanderbilt University

Tiffany Galvin Green, Vanderbilt University

Allison Elias, Vanderbilt University


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