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2019 International Association for Conflict Management Conference

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Double-Edge Swords: Factors that Induce or Prohibit Prosocial and Ethical Behavior

Keywords: prosocial behavior, ethics, negotiations

Abstract: The present symposium will explore the tension between prosocial (and ethical) behavior and selfish (unethical) behavior across a variety of contexts (i.e., charitable giving, interpersonal contexts, work-place contexts, and negotiations). We explore how and when different states (e.g., environments that allow for more or less choice) and traits (e.g., strategic-thinking) may promote either type of behavior. Importantly, all of these papers provide novel investigations into how each specific factor that was previously thought to either promote or inhibit ethical behavior may, in fact, have the power to do both.

Sam Skowronek, University of Pennsylvania

Maurice Schweitzer, University of Pennsylvania

Alex Van Zant, Rutgers University

Laura Kray, University of California, Berkeley

Jessica Kennedy, Vanderbilt University

Maryam Kouchaki, Northwestern University

Samantha Kassirer, Northwestern University

Nir Halevy, Stanford University

Shilaan Alzahawi, Stanford University

Jennifer Dannals, Dartmouth College

Rebecca Schaumberg, University of Pennsylvania

Nicholas Hays, Michigan State University


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