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2019 International Association for Conflict Management Conference

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Ripples of Hope and Understanding - the Role of Sharing Joint Experience and Collaboration between Two Conflictual Identity-Groups in Israel

Keywords: identity-based conflict, inter-group, understanding, mediation trainning, joint learning programs, collaboration, sharing

Abstract: Joint Learning Programs (JLP), is a major initiative aiming to reduce the intensity of identity-based conflict between Ultra-orthodox and secular Jews in Israel. Our study analyzes the impact of two JLP types: joint mediation training classes and confrontation-based learning programs. Study methodology includes observations, interviews and social media analysis. The research questions focused on the roles of sharing joint experience and collaboration. The findings reveal two ways of sharing: "Internal sharing" and "External sharing". A ripple effect was found. Due to external sharing, JLPs have expanded to several educational institutions, including family members, friends and acquaintances of the study participants. Regarding collaboration, an average of 20% continued inter-sector collaboration beyond JLP, aiming to create positive impact on the inter-group identity-based conflict. Conclusions indicate that both sharing and collaboration have significant role in creating expanding circles of hope and understanding among conflictual identity groups in Israel and in other fragile societies.

Rachelly Ashwall-Yakar, Bar-Ilan University

Ephraim Tabory, Bar-Ilan University

Revital Hami-Ziniman, Bar-Ilan University


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