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2019 International Association for Conflict Management Conference

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Intragroup Conflict is Probably More Functional Than You Think: Exploring the Benefits for Teams and Individuals.

Keywords: Intragroup conflict

Abstract: This paper re-examine the premise that intragroup conflict is primarily negative. We aim to review and discuss recent developments in the group and conflict literature to understand the positive aspects of intragroup conflict. We first address the lack of definitional clarity around the meanings of intragroup conflict. We then review the theoretical models (e.g., contingency model) and moderating variables scholars have proposed to analyze the potential benefits of conflict (Jehn & Bendersky, 2003).Third, we anticipate reasons why intragroup conflict is oftentimes more constructive than existing research suggests. Finally, we build on this review of constructive intragroup conflict to identify future directions for research.

Xiaoran Hu, London Business School

Randall Peterson, London Business School


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