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Is It Time for an International Negotiation Initiative?

We propose to engage colleagues in a dialogue about the desirability and feasibility of forming a new, non-for-profit multinational initiative that would have two main objectives: mobilizing resources toward more research on negotiation (including steps to encourage that research to be more broadly based and more accepted by practitioners), and promoting wide recognition of negotiation standards for competence/excellence. We will begin with a brief review of the existing level of agreement as to “negotiation science” that has apparently been widely accepted, from perspectives of negotiation research, teaching and practice, and in contexts of business, international relations, public and family disputes as well as deal making. We will then move to small groups, to draw from the participating scholars their ideas regarding a focused international effort. We will then reconvene to map out ideas, concerns, and responses.

Daniel Druckman
George Mason University
United States

Chris Honeyman
Convenor Conflict Management
United States

Andrea Schneider
Marquette University
United States

William Donohue
Michigan State University

Noam Ebner
Creighton University

Roy Lewicki
The Ohio State University

Linda Putnam
University of California - Santa Barbara

Andrea Kupfer Schneider
Marquette University

Véronique Fraser
University of Sherbooke

Barney Jordaan
Vlerick Business School

Sanda Kaufman
Cleveland State University

Michael Leathes
Attorney, United Kingdom

Irena Vanenkova
Mediator, Moscow


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